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Salika covers every step of the publishing process including data entry, design, layout and typesetting. We use Windows and Macintosh operating systems and are expert at software such as InDesign, PageMaker, FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress (C/J/K).
We support for the following languages:

Two bytes languages characters – Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese (Taiwanese).

Right to left languages such as Arabic, Urdu, Farsi (Persian), and Dari (Afghanistan)

Southeast Asian Languages: Burmese, Thai, Khmer, Vietnamese and Laos.These languages has their own characters.

In Khmer, Laos and Thai languages, there is no space between words. So that, if a DTP specialist does not understand these languages, there may be difficulties in line breaks and word wraps.

In Thai language, you may face a tone marks floating problem. We are able to fix this problem and provide the correct style of Thai.

Burmese started to use spaces between phrases around 1990. But, it sill has a problem in line breaks and word wraps for a non-native DTP specialist.

All Indian Languages – Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Nepali and more

All single byte languages – Malay, Indonesia, Tagalog and all European languages

If you are looking for a specific software which does not list here, please feel free to contact us.

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