Patent Translation

We have been providing the patent translations more than a decade. We have been done a lot of patent translations from Japanese into English and European patents to English and Japanese translations. 60% of our projects are from Japanese into English. We are also providing the patent translation service from Japanese into German language pair.

Here are some of our Patent translation samples.

Japanese into English: Japanese-English_Sample1

Japanese into English: Japanese-English_Sample2

Japanese into German: Japanese-German_Sample1

Japanese into German: Japanese-German_Sample2

Chinese into English: Chinese-English_Sample1

Chinese into English: Chinese-English_Sample1(2)

Dutch into English: Dutch-English_Sample1

Dutch into English: Dutch-English_Sample2

German into English: German-English_Sample1

German into English: German-English_Sample2

German into English: German-English_Sample3

German into English: German-English_Sample4

Portuguese into English: Portuguese-English_Sample

Russian into English: Russian-English_Sample1

Russian into English: Russian-English_Sample2

Thai into English: Thai-English_Sample

Thai into Japanese: Thai-Japanese_Sample
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