Technical Translation

We translate Computer Owner’s Manual, Mobile Instruction Manual, Mobile Display Strings, Software User’s Guide, POS User Guide, Operation Manual, Safety Manual, Catalogs, Tools Catalogs etc.

We usually use translation memory such as SDL Trados or Wordfast for these kind of documents. We are also providing the translation and DTP services for these kind of documents to be used FrameMaker or InDesign.

Here are some of our Technical translation samples:

User Guide of Chemical Compound

User’s Guide 1 (PDF format): ej_ug1

User’s Guide 2  (PDF format): ej_ug2

User Manual  (PDF format):ej_usermanual

Tools   (PDF format): ej_tools

Catalog  (PDF format): ej_Catalog

Sports Car Questionnaire (PDF format): ej_Automobile_Quest

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